Welcome to RAY.

A platform that revolves around you: ‘Shaping you, shaping hr, and shaping the future’. This online environment is about meeting each other, sharing stories, inspiration, make plans, mapping challenges, find a new job, personal development, connecting and of course, fun! Because together we’re the future of hr and ‘we’re better together’.

What you surely can expect in RAY.

Stories about people and work
Personal stories about perspectives on work and people. You can read more about these stories in our storybook. For all branches and functional areas. There’s enough inspiration!

All hr vacancies from The Netherlands in one place
Browsing for hours on different websites? That’s ancient history. RAY has all hr positions from The Netherlands lined up for you. Searching has never been easier and this way you’ll have more time to prepare for your job interview.

Community of hr professionals
Come into contact with other hr professionals. Ask your questions in our forum and gather opinions from different angles.

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How does RAY work?

Very easy.
1. Sign up with your name and e-mail address;
2. Fill in your personal information;
3. Receive personal tips about (your) job and development;
4. Get a delicious cup of coffee, take a seat, look around, get to work, be the best you can and make a difference.

Working together with RAY?

Do you absolutely love writing? Excellent! We welcome you to be one of our bloggers in RAY. Personal stories about your perspective on work and people, that’s what we’re looking for. It doesn’t matter for us what industry or role you’re coming from. Are you thinking: hey, I would love to share my opinion and I would love to write about this regularly? Sign up now if you think you can inspire others with your stories.