Find below our answers to some frequently asked questions about RAY

What is RAY and why am I being led here?

RAY is the community platform of Rvdb. We developed this platform to offer our network an environment where they can network with each other, attend professional inspiration sessions and webinars, find all HR vacancies in the Netherlands and (re)discover themselves and their career paths through various assessments. Because your development is central to this platform.

All our vacancies are also created in RAY. It is our candidate portal. You could also see it as a 'My Rvdb' environment. This means that when you register or apply via, you will be directed to this platform. 

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What is all possible in RAY?

In this platform, you can take various actions, depending on your needs. You can:

  1. View or modify your candidate profile
  2. Upload or change your CV
  3. Send us your availability for HR vacancies or change it
  4. View Rvdb's open vacancies
  5. View all HR vacancies in the Netherlands
  6. Read Rvdb's articles
  7. Contribute to and view the HR forum
  8. Viewing (and registering for) Rvdb's events
  9. View Rvdb's contact details

Click on the corresponding links to go to the relevant RAY pages.


How do I register for an event?

In the left menu you will find the category events. Here you can find our most recent and planned events. These can be inspiration sessions or training sessions on location, but also online webinars. All our events are about HR themes and are organised by Rvdb. Participation in these events is usually free of charge, but in exceptional cases a fee is payable. In that case, a price will be mentioned in the event description.

Do you want to register for an event? Click on the event of your choice and in the upper right corner of the screen click on the button Subscribe. In the registration menu you enter your name and email and you have the option to bring a guest. For paid registrations we ask you to leave extra information here, such as a PO-number (if known). 

Bringing a guest to an event
For our events it is possible to bring along external persons, who do not have a RAY account yet. You can do this by using the option Add guest (or Introducé toevoegen) in the registration menu. Click on this blue button and enter the email of the person you want to bring to the event. You can also bring more than one person. Simply use the blue button again. Don't forget to save your registration afterwards.

Would you like to change your registration or unsubscribe from an event? Then go to the buttons in the upper right corner of the event page. The green registration button is now called Update Registration and the grey button next to it allows you to unsubscribe completely. In case of paid events, please inform us of your deregistration by email as well, so we can refund your payment as soon as possible. This can be done to